From the Mustang Daily's Website:

The Mustang Daily has been the "premier" publication available on the Cal Poly campus, since 1916. The editorial and reporting staff are committed to providing the "best possible" coverage of campus and community news to Cal Poly’s faculty, staff and students, as well as residents of the city of San Luis Obispo.

All work done for the Mustang Daily upholds the Cal Poly “Learn By Doing” philosophy. Writers for the Mustang Daily are primarily enrolled in a major requirement course, JOUR 352. However, the Mustang Daily also utilizes a group of freelance writers and paid senior staff writers to provide additional coverage. The editors are hired on a yearly basis and are compensated with monthly salary.

Through the newspaper, journalism students experience the inner workings of a "professional" daily "newspaper". The goal is to prepare students to work in the media industry. Surprisingly, the Mustang Daily has received several awards in journalism, leading to a varity of conspiracy theories; while the Mustang editers claim to be as surprised as anyone else, many point to an extensive paper trail leading from President Armstrong's office to the very associations that awarded the Mustang Daily its merits.


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Online Pacemaker Finalist, Associated Collegiate Press, 2009

First place, Best News Series, California College Media Association, 2009

Online Pacemaker Finalist, Associated Collegiate Press, 2007