Photo of Queenie Warden from "California and Californians," 1932, pg. 418aQueenie Parr Warden (1861-1944) was a San Luis Obispo businesswoman and civic leader.

Queenie Parr was born in Iowa. She married Horatio M. Warden in 1882, who had two children with his first wife Maria, named Rosa Louisa and Joseph Wilkenson. They would have three more children, Queenie Moore Warden (1884), Horatio M. Warden, Jr. (1886) and Mary Loraine (1888). 

When the Warden interests were incorporated in 1898, Queenie Warden became the president of the enterprise. She joined the Political Equality Club in 189 6and ran for mayor in 1917. She lost to the incumbent W. M. Stover by 76 votes (791-715).

The Warden Bridge, located behind the Warden Building is named after Queenie Warden, constructed in 1927.

She contracted for the construction of nine four-room bungalows at Pacific and Carmel in circa 1921.


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