SLO Transition Towns envisions itself as an “organizational hub” coordinating a variety of projects meant to transition San Luis Obispo to a post-peak-oil, climate-change-sensitive society that is sustainable, energy independent, and economically resilient.

Transition Towns of San Luis Obispo is a group of individuals and organizations working together to imagine and create a positive vision of the future for our county in response to three challenges:

  • Peak oil –This is the point after which oil will be more difficult to extract and therefore more expensive. When oil is no longer cheap, we will have to make profound lifestyle changes. We need to start transitioning away from our dependence now.
  • Climate change – The extremes of weather are observable all over the planet. The evidence is overwhelming that the largest impact to Earth’s climatic changes comes from the increase in CO2 as a product of burning fossil fuels. We need to both find ways to reduce carbon emissions and prepare within our communities for the effects of climate change.
  • Economic instability – Peak oil and climate change impact every country’s economy. The control of petroleum supplies and the inevitable peak make oil-dependent economies economically vulnerable.

Our Mission

To unleash the collective genius of our communities to manifest a future that is sustainable, energy independent, and economically resilient.

Our Vision

A future . . .

  • Where life is more socially connected, more meaningful and satisfying, more sustainable, and more equitable in a greater community of localized communities;
  • Where production and consumption occur closer to home;
  • Where long and fragile supply chains – now vulnerable to surges in oil prices and economic volatility – have been replaced by interconnected local networks;
  • Where the total amount of energy consumed by businesses and citizens is dramatically less than current unsustainable levels.