“Sharing SLO will help people in our community become more aware of the many ways they can participate with their neighbors in the sharing economy, and will also encourage local ‘sharing economy’ innovators to share with one another and to find new ways to cooperate.”

The Sharing SLO WikiJam was held on the evening of October 15th, 2014. It was a way for people in San Luis Obispo to participate in the Second Annual International Map Jam, sponsored by the Sharing Cities Network, which took place from October 13-27, 2014.

San Luis Obispo has a thriving sharing economy, full of maker spaces, DIY projects, bike kitchens, food pantries, health clinics, CSA projects, farmers' markets, charitable safety nets, community resilience projects, volunteer opportunities, alternative currencies, commons & public spaces, life-long educational opportunities, religious congregations, permaculture enthusiasts, free events, libraries, and more.

At this event, community members helped these groups and projects to find each other, and helped us to find them, by fleshing out their information at the “Sharing SLO” section of WikiSLO. By doing so, they helped to make the local sharing economy more visible and more interconnected, helping it grow and thrive.

Sharing SLO WikiJam Reference Guide: SharingSLO.pdf

This event was held at the SLO public library conference room, 995 Palm St. in downtown SLO.