The Sm(ART) Studio offered studio classes, field trips, open studio, and a gift shop for people who like to be crafty with recycled materials.


What could I do at Smart Studio?

Besides browsing the sustainable arts, crafts, household goods, and materials, individuals and groups used Smart Studio in a variety of ways:

  • Bring a group — studio times were available during opening hours (and beyond by appointment). Materials could be pre-determined craft activities or more open ended.
  • Take a class — classes from local artists and educators featured SmART materials to make everything from jewelry to housewares. Classes were available for artists of all ages.
  • Field Trips — classrooms from upper-elementary to college could benefit from the environmental and art lessons provided by SmART Studio.
  • Open Studio — for a small fee, materials were provided, the iPod was loaded, and the glue was overflowing for studio hours where you were the artist. Whether you had a little or a lot of creativity, this was your place to get sustainably creative!
  • Birthday Parties — Smart Studio could host birthday parties.