The Crossroads (The xRoads, The X) is a loosely organized co-operative living space. Most tenants are involved with the local music scene through KCPR 91.3fm Cal Poly Radio and the DIY SLO movement.

Concerts are hosted regularly that local bands as well as touring bands play at. The biggest events have been Nux Fest, where it is usually one of the main venues.

In 2013 Calvin Johnson played at the house. The next day it is rumored he did the dishes and cleaned the Crossroads' tea kettle before leaving. Proof of his stay is documented in a photo where you can see him in the 2nd to top row on the left-hand side with a red sweater: 2014-04-08.jpg.

Also in 2013, the eccentric shower at The Crossroads got to the front page of reddit after an unidentified bro took a photo of it at a party. The post is called "Went to pee at a party and saw this dope shower". A mysteriously large amount of commenters on the post recalled peeing in the same bathroom during college.

One time the house had a cat named Tatsu and a tenant made a record label named after him.

In 2012 a tenant's mom paid $200 for a junk removal service to come to The Crossroads and the house was clean for ~2 weeks.

The Crossroads is featured for ~2 seconds in Washed Out's music video "Hold Out" at 1:41.

Earnest Green from Washed Out talked about the house in an interview with Pitchfork in 2011:

I've only really done one big tour, but the city that stood out was San Luis Obispo, California, which is kind of a random spot. It was a really small show, and maybe 100 people were there at this community art space. We ended up staying at the promoter's house-- this crazy fraternity house gone terribly psychedelic, with eight people living there and the most amazing architecture. (source)