Create an account - Be a part of your community.

An account is not necessary to do anything on wikiSLO; anonymous users can edit and create pages just like anybody else. However, creating an account allows the community to connect on this website in a more tangible way. After creating an account, it is recommended that you update your user page and list yourself in the People Directory by tagging your page "People". To access your user page, click your username link at the top right. Here, you can add as much or as little content as you would like to share. A brief bio and photo is the recommended starting point.

Edit a page - It's easy!

wikiSLO is editable by anyone. To change something on an existing page, simply press the Edit button. A toolbar will appear, just like in a word processor, and you can start typing inside the page. Using the toolbar, you can create links to other pages, headings, insert images, and more. When you are done, click Save changes at the bottom of the page. Don't worry; if you mess up, it can always be undone by clicking Info. From here, you can revert to any previous version of the page or compare versions.

Create a page - Share something new.

wikiSLO is for writing about anything and everything. Write about the underground tunnels you explored, the heart shaped rock pile you found, your experience in a store, or share some news. To create a new page, type a new name in the search box at the top right and press Search or create page. If a page with this exact name doesn't already exist, you'll be prompted to create it. If you make a mistake, pages can be renamed or deleted from the edit mode. You do not have to know a lot about a page to start it! You can start it for the sake of others finding it and eventually adding to it, this is called seeding a page. wikiSLO is a collaborative effort and every little bit of information added helps it grow.

Make a map - Allow location based discovery.

wikiSLO has powerful mapping features allowing for location based discovery. To add a map to a page, click Edit, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Edit map. From here, you can add points, lines, and shapes. A small layers button on the right hand side of the map allows you to switch between a map and satellite view. Draw in the trail for your Hike, the shape of the Park you are mapping, or add a point for a Cafe. Now for the cool part. On all of the directories your page is listed in, your map features will automatically be added to the directory map, allowing someone to visually see all of the Parks at once!

Tags - Keep the place organized.

Tags allow our wiki software to organize the site automatically. Tagging a page is like putting it into a category.​ You will find pages like Food that are there just to show every other page in the category of food. Pages should be tagged with the most specific terms possible. For example, tag a Deli with "Deli", but not "Food" because "Food" is too general and too many pages would fall into that category. To add tags, press Add Tags at the bottom left of a page and click Save when you're done, its that easy. To find out which tags you want to use, check out the category pages you want your page listed in and see what tags are being used there.

Feedback - It helps us improve.

If you have any comments, suggestions, problems, troubles, worries, or anything else to say, tell us and the rest of the community on the Feedback page! It is your contributions that make wikiSLO great, and your opinion on how everything is running needs to be heard!