Mission Statement

wikiSLO is a Local Wiki. It is a community effort to document and explore everything about San Luis Obispo. It aims to be the premier platform ​for information exchange, documentation, collaboration, and open discussion to improve the Quality of Life and Community Bond experienced by the People of San Luis Obispo. Anyone can edit this website, including you!

To get started, click around and explore your community, read the how-to and Why wikiSLO? pages, and create an account to start contributing.​ See the other internal pages listed below to further your grasp on how wikiSLO works and if you can, make a donation to keep us running!

Why does SLO need a wiki?

A local wiki that is personal and community-authored is an incredible means for community bonding and progress. wikiSLO can augment the resources currently available, serve as glue between disparate sources of information, and help build a community of citizen journalists through meetups and other events. wikiSLO is a place to document and share everything about San Luis Obispo.

Building a local wiki is also fun and a great way to learn about the place you call home.

wikiSLO has been described as being similar to peanut butter. The site is like a glue that brings people (bread) together to make a sandwich (our community) that much better!

Why use wikiSLO and not just Wikipedia?

We can use both! Wikipedia is designed for content that is important globally.  There is a lot of local content that most likely won’t make the cut on Wikipedia. That’s why local wikis are needed.

Particular Wikipedia policies that tend to exclude the type of content we’re looking for on wikiSLO:

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, wikiSLO is envisioned more as a personal, inside look at a city. That means we want to document things like personal experiences, Picnic SpotsPublic Art and information gathered first-hand that matters to us and our neighbors.

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