If you've recently lost your pet you're probably wondering what to do. You could patrol your neighborhood putting signs on telephone poles, or you could use Syracuse WIki as an online telephone pole. Losing a pet is hard (I've concluded this after hours of chasing my dog through neighbors yards) but we'll try to make it a bit easier. Make sure to post dates along with losses and finds.

What You Can Do

When you first lose (or find) a pet, here are some practical first steps you should take:

  1. Visit the Animal Shelter

  2. Post fliers within a 3-block radius from your home or last seen location and talk to your neighbors directly.

  3. Call the Syracuse Police Department

  4. Check and post your lost on WSYR channel 9's pet finder

  5. In addition to the Syracuse Wiki, post ads in Craigslist and Petfinder

  6. Post a flier at Petco's bulletin board and other pet stores.

Missing Pets

Found Pets