Syracuse is known for unpredictable weather patterns and sudden climate shifts. We get an average snowfall of 115.6 inches, the largest average snowfall of any large city in the United States. But despite our record winters our summers aren't timid, with an average temperature of 82 degrees and a record high of 112 degrees. Refer to the Seasonal Data on


Spring in Syracuse is always pleasent with temperatures going between 68 and 77 degrees on average, but at night the temperatures fall drastically to lows around 36 degrees. Often times the intense snowfall from winter will perservere till spring, when it's 80 out you'll see patches of snow on the grass, and they'll usually stay till the beginning of summer!


Summer really lets you appreciate Syracuse's climate, with average temperatures for the month of July reaching up into the 90's. The only downside of summer is it's often extremely humid, and the nighttime temperature slope from the spring rarely appears in summer, it's hot all day long. July also has the greatest average rainfall with 4.02 in.


Syracuse is big on trees, and you'll be too when you see the beauty of our Autumn's. The temperature quickly slopes from summer into winter, the average temperature for fall is 59 degrees so you'll want to dress warm.

Through Fall and Winter we get a lot of cold weather from the nearby Great Lakes.


If you love winter, Syracuse is one of the best places in the country to go. Our ski slopes open in late december and usually close in early March, with alot of great skiing in between. The Great Lakes frequently send lake effect snow into the area, but our average temperature is a moderate 30 degrees.

Each winter, Syracuse competes with its New York Western Tier neighbors, Rochester, Buffalo and Binghamton (as well as Albany) for the Golden Snowball Award. See a good wiki writeup on RocWiki.

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