Kasey Jaymes Sanchez and Katie Mcelroy

Violet Kaplan performs the "Spanish Web."


Can you just imagine sending your child off to college at FSU, and having them call home after a few weeks and say "Hey, I joined the circus!"  Well, the FSU Flying High Circus is alive and well.  The main shows are during the first three weekends in April, but everyone is always particularly excited about the Halloween shows (who ever gets tired of the "Thriller" dance?).  Students will take your breath away with their daring high wire acrobatics and precision stunts, all under the new Italian-made circus tent at the Haskin Circus Complex on the campus.  The Flying High Circus is one of only two collegiate circuses in our country, and it's one of the great things that make Tallahassee really special! www.circus.fsu.edu



Zach Grunewald and Dan Stribling (photobombed by Gillian DiAddezio).






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