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Tallahassee LocalWiki is a collaborative, community-driven effort to share local knowledge about Tallahassee, Florida.  It's a guide to Tallahassee written by YOU. (Want to join in? Let us know your interest in participating in "Wine and Wiki" a wiki-writing get-together we're going to start after the first of the year.)

Anyone can edit this website. Just click Edit at the top of any page and jump in. Your contributions make Tallahassee LocalWiki work. Can't find a page on something? Make one!  Read our TallahasseeWiki Guide to get started or just browse around and enjoy.


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Tallahassee Is OUR TOWN from The Village Square on Vimeo.

This project is about working together to celebrate what we share in our daily lives here in Tallahassee, Florida. The people who started the original Local Wiki project, supported by the Knight Foundation, began with the Davis Wiki. Today, 1 in 7 Davis, California residents has edited the Davis Wiki.




TallahasseeWiki News

  • We're considering a regular monthly time for something like "Wine + Wiki" - an informal gathering to write and have fun.  We've started a page here for suggestions on a good location for such a thing and a good evening.  Contribute your suggestions here.
  • Wiki Community page - everything about building the TallahasseeWiki is here.
  • Dashboard - where you can see our growth over time.



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Want a great model for what Tallahassee LocalWiki can become?  Cashless India Take a look at Denton and Raleigh.  The vast majority of the written content not specific to Tallahassee was derived from these two projects along with the original innovators Davis Wiki.   Suggested page topics are underlined with a dotted line.  To create the page that has been suggested, simply click on it (see all the cool templates you can use).  If you want to edit this front page content, edit the pages it draws from Tallahassee 101, TallahasseeWiki News and Interesting Pages (Featured Page can only be edited by us but if you write a great page, we'd love to feature it!).  We are just beginning - we need you to make TallahasseeWiki a living, breathing part of Tallahassee.

The Village Square Tallahassee LocalWiki is a project of The Village Square, a nonprofit nonpartisan dedicated to civil discourse on matters of local, state and national importance. It is part of our Get Local project to create an informed and engaged (first) Tallahassee, (then) Florida, and (finally) The World.  (Both Get Local and LocalWiki are funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, ours through their fund at the Community Foundation of North Florida.)  Our public policy wiki - We the Wiki - is designed to be used in tandem with TallahasseeWiki whenever there is a need to examine a controversial local issue.  So... TallahasseeWiki (everything about Tallahassee, written by you) + plus We The Wiki (analysis of controversial/challenging local decisions) = a better hometown.

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Adams Street, downtown Tallahassee by Steven Martin, used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0