Levy Park Neighborhood is the general area between Tharpe on the north, Monroe St. on the east, 4th Ave on the south and Gibbs on the west. It is "an awesome neighborhood," as one can tell from the neighborhood seal.

Levy Park is a centrally-located, community-invested neighborhood.


Our Neighborhood

"Here in Levy Park, you’ll find old folks and young folks, government employees and students, retirees and small business owners, writers, lawyers, The Crest of Levy Park on 7th Aveartists and musicians. We are gardeners and urban farmers, bicyclists, skateboarders, walkers and runners. We stroll to Publix, Lake Ella and the shops, eateries and taverns of Midtown. We love our pets, be they chickens, cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters or lizards. We plant butterfly and rain gardens and we host potluck dinners, barbecues, wine-tastings, firepit bull sessions and yard sales. One of the city’s most vibrant and active African American churches – the Family Worship & Praise Center – anchors our neighborhood and serves as our polling place. We are neighbors, friends and families, and we look out for each other." - Levy Park Neighborhood website

The neighborhood is very proud of its Community Garden on 6th Ave and Aintree Lane, and its many residents who work at and own local business in the area.

Businesses affiliated with Levy Park neighborhood:

Levy Park established a Neighborhood Association in 2012, and is working to formalize the group as an integral part of Tallahassee's community building efforts. Some early priorities for the Association were identifying boundaries of the neighborhood, disseminating information about safety and establishing leadership. Read about the Association in a recent issue of the Capital City Villager

The famous neighborhood seal was design by Jerrod Landon Porter, a longtime Tallahassee resident. The seal, made into t-shirts, has recently been popping up in pop culture, including Billboard's Battle of the Bands featuring Tallahassee hip-hop group After the Smoke.

General location of neighborhood
Close proximity to Levy Park, Lake Ella, and LeVerne F. Payne Community Center.
Neighborhood Association?
Levy Park Neighborhood Association
Neighborhood president/leadership
Name: Alden Hogan
Leadership email and phone




Dues and other basic information
Other contact name
Vice President: Gwen Spivey​
Bylaws; Covenants & Restrictions?

Levy Park Neighborhood Association Bylaws

Public school zoning

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