Tallahassee Senior Center, photo by J.S. ClarkTallahassee is a community that has created and embraced life long learning.  With our active Senior Center leading the way, resources, events, and activities have been developed to fit practically every life style.  The Senior Center offers classes in all forms of art, music, exercise, lectures, health happenings, computer lab with instruction, and selected classes taught by gifted instructors on topics that include photography, politics, movies, music, etc.  Lively discussions revolving around current events, a small library, pool, lunch bunch with a salad bar. For further information go to www.tal.gov/seniorcenter, or  850-891-4000.

A week long LX3 (Life Long Learning) is held in September or October..  It includes tours of historic sites, field trips, art exhibits, classes on selected topics, and much more.  Outreach programs are offered  in several community centers.

And, if that isn't enough, there's OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) at Florida State University.  Two six week sessions (fall and spring) are offered.  Classes are either morning or afternoon, and there are local guests for Tuesdays lunch lecture.  Book club, writing  groups, field trips and more round out each session.  In addition a shortened "Maymester" is available.  For further information :  www.olli.fsu.edu or 850-644-1347

Another educational opportunity for all members of the community is The Center for Participant Education, located in Oglesby Union.  This group offers an alternative to the traditional curriculum, exploring socially relevant topics, and providing classes that anyone can teach or attend.  They host free classes, workshops, and discussions facilitated by anyone: student, professor or community member.  Check their website:  www.fsucpe.com  to pusue their semester catalogue.  Their phone numer is 850-644-66577.

An on-line venue that has high-quality cultural and educational media is www.openculture.com  This site lets you download from 500 movies, 375 e-books, 475 audio texts, and you can connect with 575 online courses, free of charge.  It is definitely a site worth exploring.

Florida State University offers many opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills.  The music department maintains an active calendar of performances and concerts available to the public, most free. Check out monthly schedules at www.music.fsu.edu.  Both the Department of Human Rights and  Department of Global Engagement offer lectures by internationally recognized experts that are open to the public.  Go to: www.humanrights.fsu.edu  and/or  www.cge.fsu.edu .  The Marine Lab, based in St. Theresa on Highway 98, is another gem. Tours, touch tanks, and a monthly lecture series are truly educational as well as entertaining.  The art department offers classes in many mediums, as does LeMoyne. Communitiy Centers through out the area offer art and exercise activities.  Other venues to explore are the High Magnet Lab   www.magnet.fsu.edu. FSU Flying High Circus provides performances in the spring (www.fsu.edu/circus.), and for a huge dose of cultural activities try the Seven Days of Opening Nights.  Performances by well-known actors, authors, musicians, artists, are spread out across town beginning the latter part of January throught March.  Watch for the schedule!  www.fsu.edu/artfest ,or call 850-644-6500.

Several plays, performances are available through out the year, not only at FSU, FAMU, and TCC, but also local high schools offer plays and concerts as do the local theater groups.

Be sure to visit the new capitol during the legislative session.  You can sit in the section of both the House of Representatives and the Senate designated for the public.  Viewing our government in action is informative.  While you're there, visit the 22nd floor, which is one of only four state capitol buildings with an observation floor.  There is usually an on-going art exhibit there, also.  When you're hungry, meander down below to the cafeteria where you can puchase entrees, sandwiches, soup, or salad.

The Old Capitol is an excellent excursion.  It's full of not just the states history, but our local lore, too.  There is a self guided walking tour available.

Leon County provides a Citizen Engagement Series that highlights different departments.  It is an engaging ,often hands on seminar developed to teach citizens their local government.

The police department provides a similar on-going class (Citizens Police Academy, online at http://www.talgov.com/tpd/cpa.cfm) and the Department of Agriculture presents classes on gardening, plant and tree identification among other topics leading towards certification as a Master Gardener.  The same department developed monthly adult field trips across  the panhandle to provide opportunities to explore and enjoy this great outdoors we call home.  They've created hikes at state parks, canoe and kayak adventures, exploration of sand dunes and beach renourishment, plus much more.  Go to:www.panhandlelive. or 850-606-5202

And, watch local newspapers, flyers, announcements for events such as Mission San Luis lecture series on the first Saturday of the month.  On the same day, the Astronomy club presents "Skies over Tallahassee" for the month.  This event is held at the IMAX theater.  A good location for lots of information about our incredible piece of paradise is the Visit Tallahassee Tourism Office at 106 E. Jefferson (across from City Hall).  850- 606-2300.  www.visittallahassee.com.

www.MyFloridaCFO.com/onguard  This website is designed to help seniors, family members or caregivers identify the right questions to ask to avoid becoming a victim of fraud or misleading sales tactics.  Topics include annuities, reverse mortgages,lon-term care insurance, and identity theft.

A few benefits of aging that you might not know about are:

    Check with your state's department  of aging for a list of universities that have "lifelong learning programs"--that is, those that offer seniors tuition-free courses when space is available.  They are an incredible deal!!!

   You may qualify for help with tax filing or planning via the IRS' Tax Counseling for the Elderly program.  Visit www.irs.gov  for details.

   Maintenance fees on interest-bearing checking average $14 a month, reports Bankrate.com, and the hurdles to getting that waived are higher than ever.  Many banks still offer no-fee accounts for seniors.  Search for one at www.NerdWallet.com  

    Lots of cities and states give seniors a pass on transportation fare.  Check with the local transit authority to see if you're entitled to a discount.

Ferret out senior discounts.  Be pro-active!   Many stores or restaurants don't broadcast their discounts.  Even on their websites, the offers can be hard to find.  So just ask!!  AARP.org has a tab dedicated to discounts.   Coupons.com has links to retailers like Michael's which offers a 20 percent savings on Tuesdays.  Also check out the largest website for discounts:  seniordiscounts.com  While you're at it go to free4seniors.com,  allseniordeals.com,  and sciddy.com which you can search by your area code.

There is at least one free app, try Larky.com, that works on Apple and Android products.  And, don't forget to ask at your retail shop.  Ones like Bealls and Kohl's offer discounts on specific days, with identification.  Most fast-food chains offer nice discounts.  And, while you're at it, check out car rental companies, hotel chains, and even cruise lines. 



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