1700 N. Monroe St., Suite 19
Tallahassee, FL 32303

(Lake Ella Publix Shopping Center)


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(850) 254-8533

Here's what the Skyline Motor Lounge owners have to say about it:


"Skyline Motor Lounge pays tribute to some of those special places, people, and a time when Tallahassee took things a bit slower. It’s a space to gather and go back to when people talked to each other over nice drinks without blaring music or T.V.s in every corner, and where the staff knows you by name.  Skyline Motor Lounge is very much like a classic motel lounge you would have found not so long ago in Tallahassee, but one with a very modern wine selection, as well as the finest craft beers and artisanal cheeses being made today."


"This isn't Fermentation Lounge Part II [both have the same owners].  Skyline is its own place with its own identity, and hopefully many people will come to think of it as their neighborhood bar.​"