The Tallahassee Irish Repertory Theater is dedicating to providing opportunities for the North Florida community to enhance their awareness of Irish literature by offering quality theatrical productions, education and community outreach programs inspired by the rich Irish culture and history.  Examples have included "Playboy of the Western World" by John Millington Synge, "The Seafarer" by Conor McPherson, "The Irish Curse" by Martin Casella, and "Irish Folktales" (including "A White Trout," "The Kildare Pooka," and "The White Cat").

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Trencoss the Giant (Wil Oakes) threatens the Prince (John McDonald) in a battle to the death in The Little White Cat, part of the Irish Folktales.

The Irish Curse was performed at the Mickee Faust Theater in January, 2013. The cast included (left to right) Travis Young, Colin Wulff, Duncan Hoehn, Alan Kagan, and John McDonald.


Kauth (Kate Lechler) tries to find just the right piece of clothing for The Boy (John McDonald) to give to the Kildare Pooka, the first tale in the Irish Folktales.


Trencoss the Giant (Wil Oakes) has stolen Princess Eileen (Kate Bollone) and killed her father, and now salivates over forcing her to marry him. Can The Little White Cat (and the Prince) save her?