What do you know about Restaurants?

Currently the best restaurants in Tiburon are Luna Blu and its partner Cafe Renzo, both owned by a wonderful Sicilian Chef, Renzo, and hostessed by the lovely Crystal, his wife and partner.

Food is impeccably fresh and creatively prepared and served.  The deck is smaller and cozy with comfortable heaters if needed.  

 Guaymas  has a fair happy hour from 4 - 7 but they recently changed the entire staff and seems the food and drinks aren't as quality as need to be.  Its only good for the views

Salt and Pepper does not seem to have a chef, just cooks who prepare the foods.  Same situation at their sister restaurant on Tiburon Blvd, Good Morning Cafe -  could be good but not great.  They need to use filtered water for the coffee and other water based drinks

Sam's is same as always over many years; only the prices have changed consistently higher.  Still good fun for tourists and city folk on weekends.

Servino's is attractive but as much as I love love love Italian foods this is not the place for me.   They had a good thing going when they had music on weekends, especially for singles.

Wayfare has good pizza and locals enjoy having it as a quick place to take the kids

Don Antonio Italian Restaurant is solidly good and reasonably priced

Lily Kai has reasonably good Chinese foods.  Be sure to order without msg  The soups are good for cold foggy nights

Caprice is an anomoly in that the food is good and the views are great however it can get hot and steamy in there when crowded or foggy so ladies beware if your hair tends to frizz.  One of the biggest concerns there is the smell from the wastewater treatment facility across the street which wafts over to the entry and can spoil any meal.  Its not caused by the restaurant, its caused by repeatedly inadequate treatment at the facility which happens too frequently to  let the restaurant or the neighborhood be the success it can be.

There is a sushi restaurant on Main Street that I have not been to.  They do not have a lot of customers.  They could be good.  I only go to sushi places that are highly active and can guarantee the freshest fish and  hasn't been frozen

Tiburon Tavern isn't appealing to me as a local altho if they had a viable happy hour I would go sometimes.  The food is lousy, overpriced, and unimaginative.  The prices are way too high...

I'm not familiar with the other local coffee shops or the local diner

The deli at Boardwalk Market has some good items at prices that are  higher than any other stores I've been to.