Artomatic 419!



This all-inclusive, month-long, by-artists, for-artists multimedia arts extravaganza features NW Ohio's largest non-juried art show, as well as weekend performances of music, poetry, dance, and dramatic arts. Artomatic 419! has contributed to a coherent, cohesive arts scene in Toledo, encouraging boundary-pushing experimentation, along with networking and professional development. Artomatic 419! is a biennial event, being held every other year in a different location, primarily in un-used, or under-used buildings that can benefit from public exposure.

This event offers an opportunity and some space for local artists to showcase their talents, new ideas, current projects, or artistic collaborations to their community. The event is open to any artist of any caliber, an in any stage of their career.

Artomatic 419! hopes to engage a larger audience for the arts as well as providing a backdrop and forum for continuing to build the Toledo arts community.


Artomatic 419! 2013 dates have not yet been set, but the program will again take place in the spring in Downtown Toledo.


Artomatic 419! is a large undertaking, and relies primarily on volunteer support to pull it together. Volunteer meetings begin in the spring. Those interested in volunteering for the event should send an email of interest to . For more information, please visit:


Artomatic 419! is a program of The Arts Commission's Live Work Create Toledo initiative, embracing economic development and revitalization through the arts.


2006: The first Artomatic 419! was held at 1717 Adams Street in Uptown Toledo in September of 2006.  Over 100 local visual artists and more than 40 local performing arts groups filled 12,000 sq ft of underutilized space with their art and creativity.  Approximately 5,000 people attended the event during its four Saturdays.

2007: In September of 2007, Artomatic 419! presented a one-time, condensed event, called Artomatic 419! Lite at Fort Industry Square in Downtown Toledo.  Over the single weekend of the event -- Saturday and Sunday only -- nearly 3000 visitors enjoyed the talents of more than 150 local visual artists and 50 local performing arts groups distributed throughout 25,000 sq ft of under-leased commercial space.

2009: Artomatic 419! 2009 saw more than 200 artists and performers working in every medium to occupy 25,000 sq. feet of newly vacant space in Toledo’s warehouse district. More than 6,500 people attended the event over its three Saturdays.

2011: The fourth and most recent installment of Artomatic 419! was held in April 2011. The largest event in the program's history, the 2011 showcase took place in two neighboring buildings at 407 Washington and 25 S. St. Clair Street, located adjacent to 5/3 Field (the Mud Hens stadium), in the heart of the St. Clair Village. Nearly 400 visual and more than 150 literary and performing artists participated in the event. Over it's three days, nearly 10,000 people came through the doors to see Toledo's Creative Community on display. Each Saturday evening was capped with an official Artomatic 419! After-Party at the nearby Event Center (23 Summit St.), currated and presented jointly by, The Ottawa Tavern, and ACGT, with support from Woodville Surplus. The afterparties drew a few hundred for each night and featured local and regional live bands and entertainment.