Kc St. John has been handcrafting fine glass art for nearly two decades.  He believes the creation of glass art is not merely a hobby or craft, but a spiritual expression of his mind and soul.  Each piece is hand crafted and created to be unique and different from any other.  The individuality of every work of art is evident in the fine detail and color combinations seen in the widely collected glass paperweights, glass flames and the vases, vessels and platters line.  Kc is often commissioned by various local businesses to create beautiful awards and keepsakes. He also creates commissioned glass art for the private collector who might have a specific idea or design in mind. Kc is a native of Toledo, Ohio where he currently resides.  He is an ardent supporter of the local art, music and locally owned business scenes through his Support Your Local Talent campaigns.  Kc has had the opportunity to work with world renowned glass artists, musicians, bands and rock clubs.  He is proud to call these humble, creative and inspirational individuals his friends, mentors and teachers.

To view examples of Kc’s glass art, peruse the slide shows on the following pages.  For more information on Kc’s various networks and interests, please use the links on the right to view his Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin pages.  Feel free to send a friend request.