Launch Pad Cooperative is an artist-run gallery that was established in 2012, by Timothy Gaewsky, with the intent to facilitate a network for emerging visual artists who wish to enrich the community of Toledo and beyond.

Launch Pad’s mission is to provide support and encouragement for artists and writers, cultivate ideas and creativity, foster cross-discipline collaborations, and actively pursue broader exposure of member’s work. Launch Pad also seeks to encourage experimentation and innovation through the presentation of fresh, provocative new works by cooperative members. Through exhibitions, lectures and artist talks, poetry readings, performances, film and video series, and community outreach, the gallery is dedicated to the cultural enrichment of Greater Toledo.

Kickstarter Fundraiser

In October 2012 LPC launched their Engaging Our Local Community Through Visual Culture fundraising campaign.  By the closing on November 9 the campaign reached (and exceeded!) it's goal of $6,000.  The video below accompanied their Kickstarter campaign page.


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