The Toledo Free Press is a semi-weekly paper in Toledo, Ohio. It was founded in March 2005 by Thomas Pounds, a veteran administrator of daily newspapers in Toledo and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. On March 10, 2010, the paper added a Wednesday edition called the Toledo Free Press STAR, that is available only at newsstands throughout Northwest Ohio. The second edition focuses "on local arts and sports with a comprehensive calendar of events."

The paper blends investigative journalism, commentary and local news and features in a tabloid format, concentrating on covering news often missed by the other periodicals in the area.

In May 2010, Toledo Free Press started offering digital "e-PRESS" versions of both editions of its paper via Issuu. As of Nov. 6, more than 50 editions have been uploaded, with documents views totaling more than 30,000.

In December 2006, the paper announced it was moving its distribution day from Wednesday to Sunday. From its initial circulation of 30,000, the paper has a 2009 Sunday circulation of 120,000, with 107,000 free home delivered, the largest Sunday circulation in Lucas County.

Toledo Free Press has been voted "Best Weekly Newspaper in Ohio" from 2009-2012 by the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists.

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