On Mother's Day, Sunday May 13 2012

A group portrait of 80 Toronto Professional Drummers was taken on the steps of Old City Hall.

To everyone's knowledge of those who were present, this had never been done before.

The group portrait was organized via email with drummers coming in from as far away as Port Hope.

"A Great Day in Toronto" was inspired by "A Great Day in Harlem" or "Harlem 1958" group portrait of America's Greatest Jazz Musicians of that Era.

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August 10 2008

Before the May 13 2012 Toronto Professional Drummers Group Portrait was taken, local artist, activist and community organizer Che Kothari took the following Photograph on August 2008:

Photo by Che Kothari

This 2008 group portrait followed a summer of documenting Toronto hip hop history, Manifesto Community Projects asked the hip hop community to reenact the Great Day in Harlem photo from 1958.

DJ Grumps said at the time:

"The Great Day in Toronto photo captured three generations of hip hoppers from tiny bboys to emerging Turntablists to legends from the 1980s. Regrettably, the photo is missing some notables, especially those members of the community that remain in spirit, Frankie/Black-I and MC Kwesro."