Park Location
750 Bloor Street West
X Hectares/Blocks
• Has this neat thing
• Maybe it has swings
• Or maybe a statue
• Maybe lots of tables
• Maybe it's got a stage
• or maybe anything!
• Maybe it's got a cool event
• or even another event
• or even yet another!

Friends of Christie Pits Park

From Day One of the TOStrike, Christie Pits had garbage dumped in the middle of the park. It turned out to be leftover garbage which would normally would be picked up the Monday after the weekend festivals. Monday Morning being the first morning after the strike, that initial mound of garbage was not picked up. Images of it made national news. But Tuesday Morning, By-law enforcement officers had check the garbage to determine its origin. It was thereafter removed by non-union city managers assigned to park clean up duty.

Despite assurances from local city councillor and deputy mayor Joe Pantalone that Pits Christie Park would not be used as a temporary dump during the TOStrike, the notorious blue fencing went up around the Christie Pits Park Ice Rink on Wednesday night, June 24, 2009.

The documentation of this fight against City Hall is continued on the ["Parks are Not Dumps!] page.

Ice Rink Schedule

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