$1,100,000.00 is Campaign Goal for 2013.

City of Toronto United Way Employee Campaign Launch took place between Noon and 2 p.m. on Tuesday September 10 2013 in Nathan Phillips Square.

Several Food Trucks were on the Square, an ever increasing and welcome sight. Plus a number of vintage Municipal Vehicles, from Blinky the police car to an older model Toronto Fire Services Truck.

It all added up to a great kick-off to the annual fundraising campaign in support of United Way Toronto by Employees of the City of Toronto.

Of note, TTC CEO Andy Byford confirmed that Pizza will be sold again in Subway Stations, but he didn't say if it will be either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. TTC Spokesperson Brad Ross corrected me (HiMY) and tweeted that the Pizza days never went away but they had been reduced in recent campaigns.

CUPE Local 79 head Tim Maguire gave an impassioned plea to the media to please report that in this instance, the City of Toronto and its Unionized Workers are co-operating for this good cause.

This year's goal is to raise $1.1 Million over the coming three months.

The Firefighters kicked-off this year's Campaign Kick-off with a cheque for $20,000 which was given near the end of the event.

Afterwards an Idol like talent competition took place with employees from all five of City's sectors. It seemed like fun, but the sun was blazingly hot, so I ducked inside City Hall for some shade and cooling relief.



Mayor Rob Ford ‏@TOMayorFord My staff sway along with @bcroskerry singing at the @unitedwayto fundraising kickoff @npstoronto today: pic.twitter.com/ulec1FVX3e #Toronto
Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly presents Plaque of Appreciation from Mayor Rob Ford and Toronto City Council to Campaign Co-Patrons, CUPE Local 79's Tim Maguire and Deputy City Manager Brenda Patterson.TTC CEO Andy Byford announces this year's target is to raise $1 Million !
Up from 2012's $760,000 raised by Transit Employees.
Tim Maguire, Brenda Patterson, Susan McIsaacEmployees Project Lead Mohamed ShuriyeThe FIRST $20,000 courtesy the Toronto Professional Firefighters' Association. Enza Anderson and Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly


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