Toronto NeighbourhoodsToronto is known as a City of Neighbourhoods.

Each neighbourhood is being listed here under the headings of the former municipalities and boroughs which today make up the amalgamated City of Toronto.

Some of the newer neighbourhoods didn't exist prior to amalgamation, even though they are listed under the pre-amalgamation city and borough names. Funny that!

The new City of Toronto is comprised of the 5 former municipalities and 1 borough that comprised the former Metro Toronto.

These municipalities include Toronto, East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough and City of York.

For Non-Geographic Neighbourhoods, see the Communities page.

( The Communities page which is just getting started and needs a lot of tender loving care. )

Old Toronto




North Toronto

West Toronto

East Toronto

Old City of York

East York



North York

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