The Annex (1887) neighbourhood street sign at the corner of Kendal Avenue and Bernard Avenue.

Next door to...
Harbord Village, UofT, Seaton Village,Casa Loma, Rathnelly, Yorkville
Where in Toronto?
Bounded by Bloor Street, Avenue Road, Dupont Street, Bathurst Street
Belongs to, falls in, or is a part of...
• Municipal Ward 20 Trinity Spadina
• School Ward 10
• Community Council South District
• Federal Riding Trinity Spadina
• Provincial Riding Trinity Spadina
The Annex Residents' Association
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Best known for
• The Stop Spadina Coalition
• Where Jane Jacobs used to live
• So many sushi and falafel joints, we've lost count!

One Sentence Description

The Annex is Toronto's most livable neighbourhood, so says the tagline of The Annex Gleaner community newspaper, so it must be true.

About this neighbourhood

Annex residents include many well known artists. Many University of Toronto students and faculty live here as the campus is within walking distance. A lot of people say they live in the Annex but they actually live next door to the Annex. They say that because the Annex is the centre of the universe and they want to be cool like us.

What's Fun?

Catch a film at The Bloor Cinema.

Window shopping and people watching along Bloor Street between Bathurst and Spadina.

Browse the many bookstores along Bloor including Seeker's books, the BMV, Book City or local bookstores like A Different Booklist.

Pubs and Clubs: The Brunswick House or the "Bruny" is a favourite place for undergraduate U of T students to get drunk. The Madison would be another pub catering to the undergraduate crowd. Pauper's Pub another big pub, this one with a slightly more subdued crowd. Smaller pubs inlcude the Tap and for the locals Amnesia is the place to be.


SUSHI!!! there are about 8 sushi restaurants on Bloor St. between Spadina and Bathurst. The ones with the longest line ups are: Sushi on Bloor and New Generation.

Falafel!!! Gazale's is a tiny store right next to the Bloor Cinema that casts the most delicious smells on to the sidewalk. Excellent for the late night munchies. Try Sarah's or Leila's for eating in.

Brunch! Mel's Montreal Delicatessen a family run business that is always open, try the rhubarb jam and the montreal smoked meat. Dooney's the local professor hangout with Kilgours taking the spillover.

Feeling for some Caribbean food?!!! One Love is to die for!!!!! A little pricey but the quality of that Caribbean vegetarian goodness is worth it! Make sure to check out their BBQ tofu or pumpkin roti. There's also Roti Palace, kind of feels like you're back in Trinidad when in this restaurant. The prices are good and the food is delish! Finally, don't forget about Jerk King for some late night, post-drinking, early morning or midday jerk chicken life!

Everyone eventually ends up at Futures the universal default meet-up spot in The Annex. Inside the service is cafeteria style, while out on the patio the service is slow, which makes this place a great spot for socializing while attempting to do school work. They have excellent dessert at Futures.

For groceries try the Bloor Superfresh open 24 hours 7 days a week (including holidays.. honestly this place never closes) or the little fruit stand next to Shoppers Drug Mart. You can also go corporate and shop at the 24 hour Dominion (not open during holidays).

There is also COBS Bread Bakery. They are found on Bloor St. Their bread is really good.


The City of Toronto was growing and "annexed" a big piece of land north of Bloor St. That's why they call it The Annex.

Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

Jane Jacobs, Aiko Suzuki, Margaret Atwood, Adrienne Clarkson, Deepa Mehta

Housing and Accommodations

If you have to ask how much, you probably can't afford to live here. But everyone tries anyway. Some people never learn...

A number of mansions were knocked down against local opposition, and apartment towers went up in their place. Architect Uno Prii using simple concrete in unexpected fashion, fashioned the exteriors of the newer apartment buildings into strange and unusual facades. This seemed to make people forget about protesting.


Four subway stations call The Annex home, St. George, Dupont, Spadina, and the other Spadina Station.

Major Streets

Bathurst Street, Spadina Road, Dupont Avenue, Avenue Road, Bloor Street


Jean Sibelius Square, In 1956 a report of the Committee on Parks and Exhibitions recommend that Kendal Square, located at Kendal Avenue and Wells Street, be redesignated Jean Sibelius Square, in honour of the accomplishments of Jean Sibelius both as a composer and one of Finland's distinguished Presidents.


Huron Junior Public School, 541 Huron St., (416) 393-1570

Jesse Ketchum Public School, 61 Davenport Rd., (416) 393-1530

Palmerston Junior Public School, 734 Palmerston Ave., (416) 393-9305

Central Technical School, 725 Bathurst St., (416) 393-0060

University of Toronto School, 371 Bloor Street West., (416) 978-3212

Royal St. Georges College, 120 Howland Ave., (416) 533-9481

University of Toronto, St. George Campus, (416) 978-2011

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