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Queen Street East, between Coxwell Avenue and Victoria Park Avenue. TTC: Queen Station, then Queen Streetcar eastbound

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• Former municipality Old Toronto
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The Beaches International Jazz Festival, held every July in Kew Gardens and along Queen St. East features upwards of 400 musicians performing over a weekend.
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One Sentence Description

Life's Better in the Beaches!

About this neighbourhood

The Beach neighbourhood is a village just 15 minutes from downtown Toronto. The beach - which borders Lake Ontario - is lined with over 3 km. of wooden boardwalk, ideal for strolling and people watching. Adjacent is a biking and roller-blading trail, which is part of the Martin-Goodman Trail. The Western end of the beach itself is wide, with dozens of volleyball courts, an Olympic swimming and diving pool and rental kiosks for sailboards and small boats.

The neighbourhood extending several blocks from the water is a charming and fairly expensive residential area. The main thoroughfare, Queen St. East, reflects the diversity and easy-going attitudes of the local population. The street is lined with quaint antique shops, quirky stores, and a cool collection of bars and restaurants.

Antique shops, clapboard cottages and quirky stores and restaurants typify the Beach. The beachside boardwalk is crowded with joggers, dog-walkers and picnickers, and the beach itself is packed in the summer. The neighbourhood is upscale and laid-back at once, with a relaxed attitude unlike anywhere else in the city.

What's Fun ?

Kew Gardens - a large public park between Queen St. East and the Boardwalk. It is home to the neighbourhood’s many festivals, craft shows, concerts and exhibitions. Of particular charm is the annual Toronto Beaches Lions Club Easter Parade, which starts in the gardens.

R.C. Harris Filtration Plant - located at the eastern end of the neighbourhood, this industrial structure is one of Toronto’s best examples of Art Deco architecture.

Glen Manor Park and Glen Stewart Ravine - a wonderful green space in the heart of a beautiful residential area. You'll feel as if you've stepped away from the city in this reflective space.


Cheap eats and not so cheap eats, oops, make that ambiance!


How did the neighbourhood get its name? Who founded this neck of the woods? When? Anything cool happen recently? Say the past 5 years, stuff still in people's memory, say the past 5 minutes, y'know?

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Housing and Accommodations

What's the housing scene like? How much for how much? Wildly diverse in its architectural styles, large, upscale family homes sit cheek to cheek with small bungalows, row houses, duplexes, low rise apartments, new build condominiums and infill housing. In general, homes closer to the waters edge are more expensive and prices drop as you move north, away from the beach. As of February 2012, the lowest priced homes in the Beaches were selling for more than $600,000 and the highest, over 3 million. How new or old are most of the housing here? Condominiums, Townhouses... Major complexes, best apartment buildings, golden cockroach award? If applicable: Hotels / Motels / Hostels / Bed and Breakfasts for out-of-towners, here's the scoop.


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Major thoroughfares through this neighbourhood, if any. Existing ones or those planned for the future. Major North-South streets. Major East-West streets.

Parks and Recreation

Indoor outdoor pools, wading pools, waterslides, splashpads, arenas, rinks, golf courses, etc Off leash dog walking areas. Nice places to walk and talk.


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