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409 N Main St.

Tulsa, OK 74103

3-ish until close (3pm-2am daily)
(918) 582-PONY (7669)
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Cash, Credit card
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Patio only

The Soundpony is a bar in the Brady Arts District known for it's intimate space, live music and support of cycling and sporting events. Established in 2006 by Mike Wozniak and Josh Gifford, it was one of the first businesses, along with Caz's and McNellie's, to initiate the revitalization of Tulsa's downtown nightlife. They sponsor the The Soundpony cycling team, and Rainbros and Hungry Buffalos soccer teams


Mike Wozniak and Josh Gifford met in Norman where they worked at Chili’s circa 1994. After both moved to Tulsa, they bartended together at Empire Bar and The Brook, where they aspired to have their own establishment so that they could have a venue for their own creative endeavors in music and video. Eventually, they started a company called Creative Juices that made wedding videos and art.

Mike and Josh enlisted the help of Duvall Architects (the firm that also designed Vintage 1740 and the Dust Bowl in Tulsa) and contractor Mickey Payne of Happy Hammer, along with welder Roger Condre who did much of the bar’s fixtures and signs. Artist Anne-Marie Foy did the iconic SOUNDPONY moss sign inside the bar.

The Soundpony race team existed before the bar, though they were incorporated in July, 2005.

The bar opened May 2006 and tends to attract a diverse and varied crowd. As Mike states, “The bar has changed and evolved over time in a very organic way. Just like we envisioned."

Athletes like Floyd Landis, Brad Huff, and Ivan Stevic, along with musicians like Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of the Black Keys and Georgia Hubley, Ira Kaplan, James McNew of Yo La Tengo, can be seen at the Pony after events and shows.


The Soundony sports a shot-gun style layout of 1500 sq feet, not including a back outdoor patio with a view of the Tulsa skyline. Featuring a full bar,  Marshall (Tulsa), Coop Aleworks (OKC), Black Mesa  (OKC), and Boulevard (KC) beers on tap, a large bottled beer selection, darts, retro video games, and a turntable behind the bar. The bar also has a weekly trivia night every Tuesday (9:30 pm) hosted by Jack Wood. Sometimes the bar facilitates consignment bike sales.


As supporters of original music and hosting musicians nearly every night, shows at the Soundpony have featured local artists such as Lizard Police, Klondike 5, Verse, The Oilhouse, Sweet Baby Jaysus, DJ Soul Fingaz, Moai Broadcast, Gogo Plumbay, No Water, Rude Amps, J Brown and The Creature Features, touring up-and-coming bands like Mount Righteous (Grapevine, TX), Jucifer (Athen, GA), sami.the.great (NYC), They Stay Dead (OKC), Community Pools (OKC), The Dyes (Chicago, IL), national artists including Big Freda and Joe Jack Talcum of the Dead Milkmen and many more. When a live artists is not performing, the bartenders will DJ from the large collection of vinyl records located behind the bar.