571 S. Peoria Ave
Tulsa OK, 74105
Always open
Payment Method
No charge to use space, runs on donations and sales from shop

A 2000+ sq ft open studio workshop for Tulsa Creatives, located smack dab in the heart of the Pearl District. Learn, make, vend, and laugh.

We wanted a place to gather with friends and strangers and make things happen, we like to re-purpose, build, design, play, CREATE, dream, and LIVE! Come participate in something different and enjoy a new experience:)

This 2200sq ft space is meant to be an inspiration hub connecting all kinds of people and ideas. We encourage co-creation and hope to help make dreams a reality. The front of the warehouse will be open for use to anyone needing space to create, host work shops, turn trash to treasure, or just come be inspired. We have sewing machines, leather tools, aerial silks, paint supplies, tools, and lots of other odds and ends for re purposing. At any given time you can pop in and something will be happening! 

The back portion of the warehouse is the wood working portion of the space. This space is the brainchild of Artist Todd Matetich and is located on facebook under wonderland woodwerks:https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005651029333 You can contact him thru either page. He will help you build, or you can contract him to build for you. He can do it all.. over 30+ years of practice.

The retail portion of the space is located at the very front entrance and it will serve as the financial means for the space as a whole (rent, bills, community projects, workshops, and mostly supplies). Artists will also have the opportunity to sell their handmade items in the store. The long term goal of the retail portion is to only sell handmade local items (mostly made in the shop) but until that time is reached we will be the temporary home of a "pop up" store called Enchanted Planet located under the facebook name EP Tulsa: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006621705081 This pop up will offer a wide range of collective cultural treasures, clothing, tapestries, flow and fire props, El wire (illuminating light in a manageable wire form), and much more. When the pop up changes, we will change the description:)

For those interested, we are trying our best to operate on a donation based scale instead of charging an artist percentage rates for workshops or other services. There is also a chance for those interested to take on a more permanent place within the space by volunteering and/or being a large presence in the community. There are no real limits.. only the chance to expand in knowledge and creativity with those of us in the city that share the same interests:) 

Put on your community pants and come get involved! Hope to see you soon!!

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