The front of Seniman Coffee. Photo 2015-1.

Seniman Coffee Studio is an insanely great coffee shop on Jl. Sri Wedari off of Jl. Raya Ubud in the downtown core of Ubud.  Right across the street is the Seniman cold brew coffee bar.

Seriously good coffee made to exacting standards. The baristas carefully measure all their grinds, time their brews, and they roast their own beans. Pretty much every possible coffee preparation method under the sun can be found here: pour-over, espresso, aeropress, chemex. The coffees come out on little platters with water and a treat, too.

Has wifi and a couple of power outlets.

Inside Seniman. Photo 2015-1.

The Seniman cold brew coffee bar right across the street from the regular Seniman Coffee Studio. Photo 2015-1.

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