136 Peabody Rd.
Mon.-Sat. 9-8, Sun. 9-7
(707) 455-1786
(Names of owners/proprietors here)
Founded in 2002
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County Square Market is an Asian food market that features a wide variety of Asian Foods, fresh seafood, and freshly cooked foods. They have many Asian Snacks. They feature freshly made Chinese Dim Sum and baked goods at the hot deli.

It is not as large as a Ranch 99 Market, but a much friendlier staff! Large variety of asian food and vegetables that you cannot find at regular supermarkets such as Safeway and Luckys.

Pre-marinated Korean style meats ready for your BBQ Grill. Large hotpot or Shabu-Shabu ingredients.

Huge selection of fresh fish, live and on ice. Full service meat and fish counters!

Asian Vegetables and Fruit

Groceries: large variety of sauces, wonton wraps, many brands of rice (red, black, sweet, brown and millet) dried mushrooms, seaweeds and fresh noodles!

Snacks: Calbee, Dandy’s & Pocky, other candies, and chips!

Daily roasted whole pig - Also available for special orders for parties/luaus. Daily roasted BBQ Pork & whole duck.

Daily Chef-made Hong Kong style Dim Sum: pot stickers, steamed and baked BBQ pork buns, chive dumplings, egg rolls, lumpias, shrimp dumplings, steamed custard buns, shiu mai, sweet rice wraps and more!

Large Entée selection: sweet and sour pork, fried tilapia, salt & pepper shrimp/crab, Korean kalbi, fried rice, chow mein, chow fun, beef/broccoli and rice porridge.

Large variety of home-made Kim-Chi, mustard greens, takuwan (pickled radish).

Korean and Japanese side dishes: seasoned jellyfish, sesame anchovies, baby octopus, seaweed salad, Tobiko fish eggs, Miso etc.

Daily fresh baked buns: cocktail, pineapple, barbecued pork, beef and onion bun, egg custards, ham & corn, cream and hot dog buns!

Large selection of imported Japanese pastries and tea cakes: mochi, cheesecake, redbean cake, sponge cake, rice cake, and moon cake.

Locally baked Filipino bread items from Sogo, Sampaguita, Sheng Kee and Sisters bakeries: puto, Spanish breads, bibingka, etc.


2009-07-06 10:56:43   This store has been closed for remodelling, —

2009-07-17 07:58:04   They're closed for several months :( —

2010-04-09 04:55:17   they're back and better than ever —