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***Western Ranch and Pet Supply*** I bought a baby rabbit from Western Ranch on November 9th. Two days later she became very sick and I had to take her to the emergency animal clinic in davis, where I live. The vet told me that she had obviously been sick and malnourished for a while. Not ever having owned a bunny, I was unaware that she was underweight and unhealthy (Not to mention, buying an animal from a pet store, I would expect a healthy rabbit...). The vet wanted to put her on all of these medications that would end up costing me over $200. She also told me that Belle, my baby bunny that I had for less than 3 days, would most likely not make it. She died around 2 a.m. Friday November 11th at my home. It was a very traumatic experience for me. Western Ranch told me that even though she was sick, they had a 1 day return policy on animals (which I was never made aware of nor asked to sign any agreement). My only option was to take her home and watch her die. It makes me very upset to know that they are selling sick baby rabbits right now. I will never go back to Western Ranch and Pet Supply in Vacaville, and I hope anyone considering going there will think twice