We are couples committed to restoring healthy communication, caring, and greater intimacy to our coupleships. We suffer from many problems, some identified and some not, some treated and some not. We also come from different levels of brokenness. Many of us have been separated or near divorce. Some of us are new in our coupleships and seek to build intimacy together. We have all sought healing in Recovering Couples Anonymous (RCA).

The only requirement for membership is a desire to remain committed to each other and to develop new intimacy. Our primary purpose is to stay committed in loving and intimate relationships and to help other couples achieve freedom from addicted and destructive relationships.

Our meeting has a wonderful group of couples that come together weekly and many of us meet outside the meetings.  Our group format rotates on a weekly basis. We also invite long term members from other meetings as speaker couples either in person or by phone.  Please join us!

Due to the pandemic we are currently meeting by Zoom.


Meeting Type:  Open
Day and Time:  Sunday from 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Current Address:


More Info: Zoom info and e-mail link


List of other meetings in California and worldwide:  www.recovering-couples.org/uploads/docs/us-ca-meetings.pdf