1495 Newell Avenue, Walnut Creek, California, 94596
Monday-Friday: 6am - 7pm
Saturday: 7am - 7pm
Sunday: 7am - 5pm
John and Kerry Laird
Payment Method
cash, credit

Pacific Bay Coffee is located at the corner of Newell and South Main, a few blocks from downtown. It is family owned and operated, and the coffee is roasted on site (in a big blue/aqua Diedrich roaster situated prominently near the front door). The lattes have a thick, rich layer of foam - if you add sugar, it actually sits on top of the froth for a couple of seconds before falling through. They also have a good selection of teas, as well as smoothies and a large assortment of high-end chocolate bars if you're looking for something other than a heated caffeine delivery mechanism.

For those of us who cannot be separated from our laptops without major surgery, they do have wifi. There is one quad power outlet behind the bar near the roaster, and another opposite the register near the condiments.

They also have live music most weekend days - see their event calendar for details.

If you ask nicely, they will give you the day's coffee grounds and filters for your compost pile.