905 Park Blvd, West Sacramento at Jefferson
Monday - Friday: 9am-10pm, Saturday and Sunday: 8am-10pm
(916) 372-7116
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Payment Method
Cash (ATM on premises) **they now accept ATM and credit cards**

Taqueria Ay Jalisco is an informal Mexican restaurant in West Sacramento. In this case informal means you pay at the counter, they give you a number and serve you at your table. Prices are relatively cheap and the food is great. The staff is always friendly. They're willing to help you practice your Spanish skills if you're up for it.


2007-07-09 23:21:35   I used to live in West Sac, so I'd go there at least once a week. I first learned of TAJ after reading an article in The Bee. A local chief was asked were he goes to eat in his free time. He said he orders steak burritos there on the weekends. That is a pretty good sign. —CharlesMcLaughlin

2007-09-19 02:44:33   This place absolutely rules when only authentic Mexican food will do. Outstanding. —

2009-10-07 13:16:34   I must say.. the food is the AWESOMEST and people working there always pleasant!! Which makes what just happened even worse and why I am SO EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED right now. My husband found this place sometime back in 2000/2001 when they still only had the little spot on Sacramento Ave in the older part of West Sacramento. All these years of consistently going (on a weekly basis) we've never been disappointed...UNTIL TODAY. They started using these little orange cards, which they mark each time you buy a burrito- buy 5, 6th free. Although we come in 1-3 times a week to buy food and usually our order includes at least one burrito, I usually don't ask them to mark the card when we buy for the family. I do however, have the card marked when I come in to buy 5-8 burritos at a time for my group in the office or when I come in with a group and we all get burritos. I don't always remember to bring my card with me so a couple of different times I have gotten separate cards marked and told that they could be combined at a later time. Today I stopped to meet my husband there to pick up a burrito to take back to work. I had three cards in my car so figured I could use them to get us both a free burrito. I had one with 5 marked, which would get one free and I had 4 on another card, 3 on another card. Since I had been told previously that the cards could be combined I did not anticipate a problem. Unfortunately I was wrong— I believe it was the owner, although polite, refused to combine the cards and give us both burritos free. His reason was that we were wasting his cards by combining and throwing the others away. I was shocked- I asked him if he remembered who I was and that I bring people in from my office to eat there, or that I buy 5 or more burritos at a time or that my family and I come in on a regular basis and he said yes he remembered but still would not combine the cards. I can't speak for my husband and two kids who absolutely love eating there- but I certainly won't be back or recommending the place- and neither will the people from my office who I've talked to so far. It baffles me that a seemingly intelligent business owner doesn't get the concept of customer service- I mean really— "wasting his cards"! How's that saying go....A penny earned, a pound wasted... —SarahRamirez