1759 Enterprise Boulevard
Daily, 24 hours/day
(916) 373-0300(main line), 916-273-1664(training department only)

Wag Hotels is a small chain of deluxe service-oriented pet grooming/boarding facilities, which started in West Sacramento. Wag offers boarding, day care, training, and grooming/bathing services for dogs and cats, as well as a gift store. The original West Sacramento facility even features a covered guest drop-off, much like you would find at many hotels. Busy clients can request that their pet be picked up and taken to the Wag Hotel. Boarding facilities are all indoors and range from a basic two-section wire kennel to the pet suite, with real walls, music, plasma television playing dog movies and Internet access with a web cam. Extras include swimming time in the facility's indoor pool with dog ramp, extra play sessions, spa treatments, belly scratches, evening tuck-ins and more. Wag Hotel has become very popular since its inception and owners considering the facility should visit the website to register and be prepared to have veterinary information submitted about a week in advance of a planned reservation (make sure Bordetella vaccine is current and administered at least seven days prior to pet's arrival). The public is encouraged to visit Wag Hotel for a tour of the facility. Tours are given daily between 10am-6pm. Gift cards are available in fixed amounts. Dog boarding prices range from $38/night-$130/night.
Wag offers a variety of training options for your dog as well, including group classes, free puppy socials(puppies 16 weeks and under), board and train, and private lessons both onsite at the hotel and in-home. 


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2007-09-10 18:01:35   nice. i helped create this page on the davis wiki and you removed it!


Just as an FYI, Jason originally transferred the content from davis, not me. ;) —MasumiWatanabe

2009-12-28 17:28:47   My housemates boarded their dog here for three days, at the end of which he had a cough. The visit to the vet, which showed that he had kennel cough, cost an additional $50, plus $60 for his medication. In addition, our other dog may or may not have it now (he lives in close proximity to him and has not yet exhibited any symptoms). All in all, we ended up paying an extra $110, plus worrying about our pets and their contraction of a very contagious disease. When we called in about it, they said that other owners had called in about it as well, but there was nothing they could do about it. I don't think any of us will be boarding our pets here in the future, and I would advise others against it as well. —JoePomidor

  • I would just like to point out that Kennel Cough vaccinations are cheap and recommended by vets for any animals who will spend any time in a kennel environment. If you would like to save yourself some worry, make sure to have your pet properly vaccinated. —MasonMurray
  • That's an unfortunate experience. At least as of 2013 you cannot board a pet at Wag Hotels (or most other boarding facilities) without current Bordetella and DHPP vaccines, which is about the most they can do to prevent the spread of kennel cough short of keeping all pets entirely isolated. Kennel cough is essentially a canine flu—both common and treatable. Unfortunately, the vaccine is not 100% effective, so even vaccinated dogs can contract kennel cough—it's a risk you take anywhere dogs are in contact with one another. If you actually visit Wag Hotels you will see that the facility is scrupulously clean and well-maintained, and a much more enjoyable environment for your pet than most similar facilities. —ThomasHandley