2 Main Street (across from The Palms Playhouse)
Mon-Thu 5:00pm-9:30pm
Fri 5:00pm-10:00pm
Sat 4:30pm-10:00pm
Sun 4:00pm-9:00pm

A fine dining restaurant, the Buckhorn is modeled after a hunting lodge. The menu varies from visit to visit and often features fresh game. A typical date for two will generally run about $70, which is an excellent deal for the high quality food and atmosphere. It is an excellent place for an anniversary or similar celebration. The owner walks the room and remembers customers.

If you fill out the survey included with your check, they will mail you a gift coupon worth $10 total off of two dinner entrees for your birthday and/or anniversary.

Advance reservations are highly recommended.

There's free WiFi with their password. Ivan's the computer guy.

The Putah Creek Cafe (also owned by the Buckhorn) and the Palms Playhouse are both across the street.


2009-08-21 13:09:58   Best prime rib I've ever had. —tombrokaw

2010-04-09 05:16:16   There was no survey with my check as mentioned above. —BruceHansen

2010-07-10 09:32:30   The Buckhorn has been in Winters forever but there are only 2 comments???

I can only imagine that this is because they delete the bad ones. Well it looks like they are actually 50/50.

I had always wanted to go to the Buckhorn as my family's "cabin" is on Lake Berryessa and we would always pass by but never stop. A money issue I think.

So I was so happy when my wife gave me a $100 gift certificate to the Buckhorn for my birthday and said we could make the 2 hour trip any time I wanted.

We went about two weeks ago and it has been killing me to write a review ever since. But I couldn't. But after not sleeping well last night, again, I finally realized what was eating at me...the need to write a review. It was killing me because I don't have many nice things to say and being an ex-waiter of 5 years I learned not to complain (bad experiences do happen) but I need to sleep and I hope this helps.

We had reservations but our table was not ready and we were asked to go to the bar to wait. I am OK with that. The bar was packed so I went up to the drink station to order my Makers on the rocks and my wife's Captain and Coke. I watched the bartender, who I thought must be new, use a shot glass to measure out the liquor and then dump it on top of the ice in the glass and have about half of it splash out. I intervened and asked if they could put a little more in the drinks and the bartender said that they could not as it was a manager rule and they could get fired even if they were ever seen slightly "rolling" the shot glass as they dumped in the liquor.

Fine! Just get me to my table and we will order wine since we can't get a normal drink.

It got worse from there.

I have never seen such high pressure sales in my life!!!

Our waiter was pushing the ribeye. Pushing Pushing Pushing and then gives us a big sigh and a "sure you don't want the ribeye" as each of us ordered something else. Then he tried to pressure us into ordering a side of mushrooms with out meal. After saying no he gave us the "you can't really have the Buckhorn experience with out having the mushrooms". I said "no thank-you we are fine". He then turns to my wife and says, "maybe the lady wants some". Good God get out of my face before I deck you dude.

This guy also had his shirt untucked, food all over the front of his shirt and I am quite sure he could not remember which voice he used with us because each time he came to our table he used a different tone.

Oh, that felt good. I feel like a nap now.

I do have to say that the place is beautiful and our steaks were fantastic!

However, only order wine and if the waiter that comes to your table looks like he has a poodle on top of his head run like hell!

It was also noisy (which is OK, I mean what do you do) and hot as hell (not OK).

That was the first time in about 10 years, being an ex-waiter, that I only tipped 15%.

Bed time.


  • There is no evidence that any comments were removed from this page. —RickJames

2010-11-07 18:43:48   The tri-tip here is divine! Service here is hit and miss. It looks as though they're now relying on the younger folk in Winters to serve and such, which (having grown up in Winters) means the service from these kids will be ratty. The more seasoned servers and waiters are MUCH better at their jobs. I highly recommend eating here if you get the chance to. —RickJames

2010-11-09 14:26:25   The Buckhorn has changed in the last year under the new ownership. They have $1 taco and burger night? We now always seem to be sat next to the foul mouthed or the screaming child. The calamari used to be our favorite. It changed and was more chewy so we still ordered it but with cocktail sauce. Last week we ordered it and it was inedible. It tasted as if the oil hadn’t been changed in a year. We have had one server in the last year that knew more than the fact that wine comes either white or red. The Buckhorn just isn’t classy anymore. We won’t be making the drive again. —alicelawton

2010-11-11 13:25:04   My friend used to work there and she/he said that the service sucks there but that it was due to this bald headed, beet faced, dick of a manager. If I remember correctly they said that manager guy got the dinning room manager fired and now he runs the place therefore, there is no dinning room representation or training. He runs the show and he hates the waiters and loves the cooks. They have some pre-huddle thing before their shift where they all get told they suck and get threatened with their jobs. I guess he walks around and threatens people all night. The waiters get fired if they eat a cherry tomato and they have no food or wine tasting. He even makes them tip the kitchen which is TOTALLY ILLEGAL. I remember them saying that they knew their time was up when they almost got fired for bringing two pieces of bread to a big table, 10-15 people I think, because they were told that they can only bring one piece at a time. Too bad for them but I still love the clam chowder. —MariaQuesto