This page is for lost/found pets in the Winters area. You can also check the "Lost Pets" pages on the Davis and Woodland wikis.

Lost a pet? Please provide the date lost, an accurate description, your pet's name, place last seen, and your contact information. If you can, post a picture too! See Help with Images.

Found a pet? Please provide an accurate description, place found, and your contact information. Thank you!




Monday, June 1st. Male Ocicat (spotted cat), orange with brown spots. His name is Rigel ("rye-gel"). He's 14 years old, 12.5 pounds, neutered. Wearing a blue collar. Very friendly but not used to spending time outside. Currently has  allergic reaction causing rash on nose.  Please call 623-810-5044.



Found puppy on County Road 99 Near Woodland

Thursday Sept. 30 Female, four months old. No collar or chip. Call and describe: 530-400-9404.

FOUND DOG: 4/3/11

Small adult male, black and white, mixed breed (Jack Russell and Chihuahua?) Friendly, clearly a family dog. Found off Olive School Lane and Putah Creek. Call (530) 756-3941 ask for Laura, or (530) 795-3701.


FOUND DOG: 10/6/09, brindle pitbull

Found a brindle pitbull in Winters on Anderson Ave. Has half white face, female, looks like she's spayed. She's very friendly and gets along with other dogs. She's got some scabs and scratches on her face. Call 707-292-1662


FOUND 8/26/08: Older black female dog, mid-sized, possible lab mix. All black, with grey around the eyes and muzzle. Total sweetheart! Wearing a red collar, but no tags. Chipped, but not registered to a person or clinic! We'll keep her as long as we can, but can't keep her forever. Please call 916-838-8786 if she's yours!

LOST 8/26/08: Black lab mix puppy - 10 months old, about 70 lbs. Her name is Cassie and she's not wearing any tags or collar, but she is microchipped. Very friendly and well trained. Please call 707-673-3076 if you've found her!!! We miss her so much!