Apple Village/Woodland Harvest Square/Yolo Polo Plaza

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2011-10-30 10:39:34   Great place! Always helpful and reliable!

Plus the boys are cute! —AshleyHamidi

2013-04-30 18:12:55   Every time i go in there something happens, they took all my lug nuts off and told me i needed to buy new ones because they were the wrong style. As a professional, they shouldve noticed after the first nut, not 20 later. I have two sets of rims. My nuts were at home. Now i half to walk home to get them or buy new ones?, because you cant put them back on... stupid. I get told they price match while im on the phone with a different tire place, so they "price match" at $180. I get charged at $216 a tire AFTER I HAD THEM ORDER ME TWO. So they STOLE $72 PLUS TAX FROM ME, and after i pay, im told then, I NEED A WRITTEN ESTIMATE FOR A PRICE MATCH. BULLS#!@. I will only go back for my free tire rotations balance and tire warranty THAT I HAD TO PAY FOR ! Dumb.