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Ashley Avenue and North Ashley Avenue together run north-south across the full length of Woodland and overlap with the route of County Road 98B. They are the westernmost major streets in Woodland, excluding County Road 98, which forms the western boundary of Woodland. Ashley Avenue becomes North Ashley Avenue north of West Beamer Street.

Ashley Avenue

Ashley Avenue runs from West Beamer Street to a dead end at the farm fields just south of Del Oro Street. It intersects Porter Street, Chestnut Street, Riverside DriveWest Court Street, West Main Street, West Lincoln Avenue, Heather Place/Heather Lane, Farrell Place/Farrell Street, Becket LaneWest Cross Street, Daniels Street, West Southwood Drive, Boxwood Road, Ridgeview Drive, Aster Way, Notre Dame Drive, Ivie Place, Colby Court, Fordham Drive/Fordham PlaceWest Gibson Road, Columbia Drive, Lewis Avenue, Saratoga DriveWest El Dorado Drive, Borchard Court, Dartmouth Place, and Harvard Bend. Along the way, it runs past Rhoda Maxwell Elementary School, Greengate School, Ralph Harris Park, ARCO, Rite Aid, John Ferns Park, Streng Park, and Dave Douglass Park.

North Ashley Avenue

North Ashley Avenue runs from West Beamer Street to a dead end at the farm fields just north of Hanging Oak Way. North of Woodland, it is also known as County Road 98B. It intersects Quail DriveWest Kentucky Avenue, Yosemite Place, Mount Whitney Drive/Cascade Street, Pinnacles Drive, El Capitan DriveWest Woodland Avenue, Valleywood Drive, and Bright Day Drive. Along the way, it runs past La Tourangelle Oil Mill, Turold International, Yolo Diesel Repair, and the Yolo County Department of Community Services.