392 West Main Street, Woodland - (530) 662-1100


Well Brown's Corner finally reopened after about 7 months of renovations. The time off has definitely paid off. Brown's looks fantastic!

I've only been a hand full of times since its opening and was pretty much there just to drink. But from what I've seen it's all good. The menu didn't change much but I believe they added more food. Good bar food, jalapeno poppers is just one thing I happen to see that looked yummy after a pitcher of beer. They also have a nice beer and wine selection now with your general run of the mill liquors. There are certain varieties of vodka that I would rather see over others, or just more of a selection of flavored vodkas but alas I am biased in that department.

They enlarged the bar so now it seats way more people. Bar tables are set up in the middle "bar" section. There is a dining area with wait staff. I've only looked in but it holds a lot of people which kind of makes for cramped quarters. The last room is a game room with two very nice pool tables, a shuffle board, and electronic dart board. All of which are in brand spankin new condition.

The whole place is littered with Sony Bravia flat screen TVs at least 4 in the bar area and one in the game room and eating area with various sports on.

Also I would hate to leave out the bathrooms. If you're someone who cares these are THE NICEST bar bathrooms I think I have ever seen. I'm just going to leave it at that but really its like the damn Ritz (OK that's stretching it but this bathroom makes other bar's bathrooms look like a roll of toilet paper in a back alley).

Edited to add: The food has been very good. And the service has definitely improved since the first few weeks. It's not on the menu but the Spicy Chicken sandwich was on special one day so I ordered it and it was fantastic! It's not like a regular spicy chicken its more like a buffalo style chicken.

ALSO! For all you Celiacs, as of July 17th Browns corner will be serving Gluten Free beer! Red Bridge! It's actually very tasty beer and I wanted to make sure to put it in my review for anyone out there in search of a bar that offers wheat free beer!

review by Jenilynn N.