Bush Street is only a little over 400 feet long. It runs east-west between College Street and 1st Street just south of Dog Gone Alley, which makes a right turn to the south and intersects Bush Street. From west to east, Bush Street runs past Valley Vista Eye Care Optometric Center, the Woodland Elks Lodge, American Legion Yolo Post 77, All Action Awards, Signs by Heck, Kitchen428 Restaurant & Mojo's Lounge, and Prudential Financial.

Bush Street has been planted with street trees by the city. The street trees include Western Hackberry (Celtis reticulata), which is native to California although not native to Woodland. They also include Hybrid Strawberry Tree (Arbutus 'Marina'), Chinese Fringe Tree (Chionanthus retusus), Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica), London Plane (Platanus × hispanica), and Saw-leaf Zelkova (Zelkova serrata).