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Cottonwood Street as seen in Google Maps Cottonwood Street and North Cottonwood Street together run north-south across the full length of Woodland. Cottonwood Street becomes North Cottonwood Street north of West Beamer Street.

Cottonwood Street is named after the Frémont's Cottonwood Tree that is native to Woodland. It's one of many streets in Woodland to be named after trees. Other such streets include Elm Street, Oak Avenue, and Walnut Street.

Cottonwood Street

Cottonwood Street runs from West Beamer Street to a dead end just south of Del Oro StreetIt intersects Antelope Street (which heads east only from Cottonwood Street), Buckeye Street, Coral Drive (east only), Pine Street (west only), Sierra Street (east only), Riverside Drive (west only), West North Street (east only), West Court Street, West Main Street, West Lincoln Avenue, Farrell Street (west only), West Cross Street, Elizabeth Way (east only), West Southwood Drive, Maple Way (east only), Boxwood Road (west only), Acacia Way (west only), West Gibson Road, Glenwood Place (west only), Lewis Avenue (west only), West El Dorado Drive, Woodside Drive (east only), and Del Oro Street (west only). Along the way, it runs past Yolo County Weights and Measures, T. L. Whitehead Elementary School, Woodland Memorial Hospital, Woodside Park, and Zamora Elementary School.

North Cottonwood Street

North Cottonwood Street runs from West Beamer Street to West Kentucky Avenue, intersecting West Woodland Avenue, Glacier Place/Glacier Street, Teton Place/Schuler Ranch Drive, and Muir Street. It runs past the Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency, the Yolo County Public Authority, the CalFresh Benefits Office for Yolo County, and the Woodland YoloWorks Career Center.