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El Dorado Drive and West El Dorado Drive together run east-west across the western half of Woodland. They form the southernmost thoroughfare in western Woodland. El Dorado Drive becomes West El Dorado Drive west of West Street.

El Dorado Drive is likely named after El Dorado County. Other streets in this housing development also have names associated with locations around Northern California, including Amador Way, Bidwell Place, Coloma Way, Colusa Place, Donner Way, Placer Drive, Quincy Drive, Tehama Drive, Truckee Way, and Yuba Place.

El Dorado Drive

El Dorado Drive runs from West Street to 6th Street. It intersects McKinley Avenue, Spruce Drive, Tehama Drive (which heads south only from El Dorado Drive), Quincy Drive (south only), Delta Drive (north only), College Street, Truckee Way (north only), Donner Way, Bidwell Place (south only), Coloma Way, Amador Way (south only), and Archer Drive. Along the way, it passes by Woodland Fire Department Station 2 and William Crawford Senior Park before ending at Tredway Park.

West El Dorado Drive

West El Dorado Drive runs from West Street to County Road 98. It intersects Midway Drive, El Paseo Drive (south only), Amherst WayCottonwood Street, Edwin Avenue (north only), Grove Avenue (north only), Inverness Drive (north only), Grenoble Drive (north only), Ashley Avenue, and Brown Avenue (south only). Along the way, it passes by Woodside Park, Zamora Elementary School, and Dave Douglass Park. It also crosses over the Maple Canal.