El Patio sign and restaurant - photo taken Dec 2, 2010.

Type of food
667 Main Street , Woodland, CA
7:00AM-9:00PM 7 Days a Week
(530) 661-9000
Price range
Service speed
5-10 minutes
Type of restaurant
Payment Methods
Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Other
Non Food Features
Drive Thru
See Photo Below

El Patio is a restaurant in Woodland that serves very casual, but very good Mexican food. Seating is either outdoors or under a permanent tent-like structure. This restaurant also features drive through service.


El Patio drive through menu - photo taken Dec 2, 2010.


2010-12-02 14:23:05   The carne asada fries here are very tastified! —RodneyBlackwell

2011-08-24 13:30:44   I must say this is the worst customer service restaurant i've dealt with in a long long time. I ordered take out for my family, about $40 worth for 3 people, after i get home i realized they do not know how to make a plain hamburger for my young daughter. Hopped in the car, took back the burger with everything on it, along with the fries that were in the box and the receipt showing them what they had written waited another 20 minutes while they made a hamburger, they said my order was ready so i checked this time, the hamburger was right, right on top of the soggy, now cold french fries. I asked them what that was all about, the lady said that it was the chefs choice. So now they he has messed up 2 of my orders i let them keep the hamburgers, got my money right back, and told them that they lost 4 customers plus my friends. Within about 30 minutes later my daughter was enjoying a Judy's Grinders burger, with wonderful customer service. Don't know if it was arrogance or stupidity with so many mexican restaurants in woodland we will not return here. —Theangrydiner