Type of food
Taco Truck
East St and Lemen Ave
10am to 10pm
Price Range
$.75 to $5.50
Service speed
3 minutes
Payment Methods
Cash Only
Non Food Features
Very Friendly Service, Limited Seating, HAPPY HOUR!

"El Pollo" Rest.

Students from Woodland High School may recognize the "El Pollo" truck as the same that caters their football games. But, in fact "El Pollo" has 2 trucks. One, which is more mobile, making its way to different events and places around town, while the other is stationed on the northeast corner of Lemen Ave and East St.

Making your way up East St. you might be tempted to continue driving right passed "El Pollo". The corner of Lemen Ave is a bit less than inviting. The truck is stationed in front of what might appear to be an abandoned building, but the tacos are definitely on the right side of the tracks. The neighborhood is safe, if a little run down. And the food will definitely give you a more positive perspective on the area.

A variety of hand-made menus decorate the sides of these family-run trucks. The prices range from $1 tacos to $5.50 quesadillas de tripa during normal hours, but the trucks offer $.75 taco during happy hour (3 to 6pm). The family also runs the El Pollo Restaurant at 816 Main St.


Veggie Tacos As with most taco trucks, "veggie" does not appear anywhere on the menu. I think this would somehow diminish their authenticity. Anyhow, the friendly servers were more than happy to oblige, asking what we would like on our tacos. Beans, Spanish rice, grilled onions and salsa (chipotle? not sure.) on two grilled corn tortillas are what we got. If given another chance, I would have tried persuading them to substitute guacamole in the absence of meat, and perhaps tried to get some cheese.

The veggie taco was a little smaller than I would've expected, but for $1, you pay for what you get. The tortillas, beans and rice were all good. I'm sort of at a loss of words. They were exactly what you might expect. The highlight of the tacos were definitely the grilled onions.

Carnitas Tacos Crispy grilled outside, moist on the inside with the perfect amount of heat. The girls give you a good sized hunk for your dollar with a smattering of the usual onion, cilantro, and lime wedges. Don't know if you have to ask for it or not, but the grilled onion was an awesome extra.


2010-09-22 15:26:16   I love this place. My wife and I would always eat while doing laundry when the truck used to be on Armfield. Anytime we're back in town, we head straight to El Pollo for lunch! —BrianNeal