Farmers Central Ditch Path is a two-mile-long graveled path along the southern border of Woodland at the west end of town, extending from County Road 98 to East Street. It follows the Farmers Central Ditch and has agricultural fields on its south side but residential neighborhoods on its north side. Many residents living in the houses adjacent to the path have gates in their back fences to give them access to the path, and many have installed small vegetable gardens behind their back fences, along the north edge of the path. A long row of boulders about three feet high has been placed along the south edge of the path. Signs posted along the path state that the path is closed from 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise.

Farmers Central Road runs at the same latitude as the Farmers Central Ditch Path but is located on the opposite side of Highway 113 from the Farmers Central Ditch.