Apple Village/Woodland Harvest Square/Yolo Polo Plaza

Location Location
1264 E Gibson Road 1780 E Main Street
in the County Fair Mall in the Yolo Polo Plaza
Hours Hours
Mon-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat 10am-7pm, Mon-Sat 10am-9pm,
Sun 11am-6pm Sun 11am-6pm
Phone Phone
(530) 661-3277 (530) 406-1526

GameStop sells new and used video games; the store also has a rack of used DVDs. You can trade in movies or games for store credit (that's how they get their used stuff).

You can also get a discount card for 10% off used games/DVDs by subscribing to Game Informer Magazine ($10 for 10 issues). However, sales tax negates most of it so it ends up being around 3% off, almost the same as without it.

  • Right. So...3% you don't have to pay the sales tax beyond that. Because you already paid it. -AR

They have a large number of movie DVDs, including a rack of anime. They sell their DVDs at three for the price of two.

They claim they have no Mac games for sale, unless they are selling a PC game that has built-in Mac support. The store devotes more space to console games than to PC games.

Gamestop merged with EB Games. There are also stores nearby in Davis, Sacramento, Dixon and Vacaville.

Information originally taken from Davis Wiki


2009-02-02 15:38:55   While walking through the mall this weekend I saw one of their employees putting up sign that the store is closing. —ChrisThompson