West Gibson Road, Gibson Road, and East Gibson Road together form the biggest east-west thoroughfare south of Main Street. They all lie along the same route as County Road 24, which runs from west of town, at a frontage road along the west side of Interstate 505, to east of town, at County Road 103. Unlike other county roads, County Road 24 is still known as Gibson Road even on the portions of it that extend west of town.

This page will focus only on the sections of Gibson Road that are located inside Woodland. This chart provides a guide to the road's name changes and also lets you know what information you can find on this page versus on the County Road 24 page.

Section of Road Name of Road LocalWiki Page
from the west side of Interstate 505 to County Road 98 west of town Gibson Road or County Road 24 County Road 24 page
from County Road 98 to West Street in Woodland West Gibson Road this page
from West Street to East Street in Woodland Gibson Road this page
from East Street to County Road 102 in Woodland East Gibson Road this page
from County Road 102 to County Road 103 east of town County Road 24 County Road 24 page

West Gibson Road

West Gibson Road runs between County Road 98 and West Street. Situated north of West El Dorado Drive, it intersects Saratoga Drive (which heads south only from West Gibson Road), Columbia DriveAshley Avenue, Corkwood Place (south only), Kathleen Lane (north only), Gary Way (north only), Cottonwood Street, Cornell Circle (south only), Amherst Way (south only), Harley Drive (north only), California Street (north only), Rancho Way (north only), Midway Drive, and Westway Drive (north only). It passes by Streng Park and Woodland Memorial Hospital.

The far west end of West Gibson Road has been planted with street trees by the city. All the street trees are Flowering Pear/Callery Pear (Pyrus calleryana) trees, which are invasive weeds.

Gibson Road

Gibson Road in Woodland runs between West Street and East Street. Situated north of El Dorado Drive, it intersects Eunice Drive (north only), McKinley Avenue, Jimeno Lane (north only), Spruce Drive (south only), College Street, Norden Way (south only), Auburn Way (south only), Coloma Way, Homewood Drive (north only), and 6th Street. Along the way, it passes by Gibson Elementary School, Gibson House, and El Patio.

East Gibson Road

East Gibson Road runs between East Street and County Road 102. Situated just south of East Gum Avenue, it intersects Leisureville Drive (north only), Washington Drive (south only), and Matmor Road, is an exit on Highway 113, and then intersects Bourn Drive/Harry Lorenzo AvenuePioneer Avenue, Ogden Street, Tony Diaz Drive (south only), and Law Enforcement Alley. Along the way, it passes by the Yolo County Fairgroundsthe County Fair Mall, Kuji Asian Grill, Bel Air, Pioneer High School, Woodland Community College, the Yolo County Sheriff's Office, and the Yolo County Animal Services Shelter.

East Gibson Road has been planted with street trees by the city. These street trees include more of the invasive weed species Flowering Pear/Callery Pear (Pyrus calleryana), as well as two species native to WoodlandValley Oak (Quercus lobata) and Interior Live Oak (Quercus wislizeni). Other non-native street trees on East Gibson Road include Norway Maple (Acer platanoides), Smooth Arizona Cypress (Cupressus glabra), White Ash (Fraxinus americana), Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica), European Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis), Canary Island Pine (Pinus canariensis), Japanese Red Pine (Pinus densiflora), Chinese Pistache (Pistacia chinensis), London Plane (Platanus × hispanica), Cork Oak (Quercus suber), Idaho Locust (Robinia × ambigua 'Idahoensis'), and Little-leaf Linden (Tilia cordata).