217 West Kentucky Avenue
Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm
(530) 666-5925
Payment Method
Cash, plastic

Irrigation Supply Co. is one of the many industrial businesses along West Kentucky Avenue, but don't be afraid to venture in. It caters to pros and also to semi-clueless home owners. It is filled with every kind of irrigation widget you might imagine. The guys there are very willing to help you get all the bits you may need for your irrigation work.

While you can buy irrigation equipment and supplies at Home Depot, possibly for a little less, you know you cannot trust the staff there to give you reliable information. Not so at this place—the guys at Irrigation Supply Co. know their stuff.


2011-01-05 18:26:15   I've gone in a couple of times, and the guys were always very helpful. Last time I went, they talked me out of overbuilding my project (I always tend to build stuff using oversize parts, etc.) and saved me about $30 on a $200 project. Nice. —BarryRice